Welcome to the ehealthclaims website which aims to promote electronic claiming across the Irish Healthcare Industry.

The three health insurers, Irish Life Health, laya healthcare and Vhi have formed a Multi Insurer Group (MIG) to rollout electronic claiming in Ireland. This initiative is being co-ordinated by Insurance Ireland.

eClaims is already well-established globally and this initiative aims to rollout a national standard for electronic claims, which will deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings across the Irish healthcare industry for all parties involved, including hospitals and providers, consultants, insurers and, most importantly, the patient.

With almost €2billion paid out in claims in 2012 by Irish private health insurers (source: Pat McLoughlin Report, Review of Measures to Reduce Costs in the Private Health insurance Market 2013; November 2013), moving to electronic claiming will result in a more efficient process, reducing the paperwork involved in claims processing. This ultimately results in faster submission of claims and faster payment and more control of the claims management process.


“eClaims has transformed claims handling at Alliance Medical for VHI and LAYA Insurance claims. The results are very positive, the elimination of pended and returned claims, the complete removal of paper and significant improvement in cash-flow.

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